Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien
Image Of Evan Sorlien

    Evan Sorlien

    Is an award-winning filmmaker & video production specialist based in Los Angeles, CA, with over a decade of industry experience. Evan specializes in editing, producing, directing, and cinematography; collaborating with major brands, corporations, networks, celebrities and influencers alike. Reach out regarding bookings or collaborations.


    Matt Kenchington

    Writer / Director at FLEET

    Editors are really the glue that puts a film and/or story together, and, I must say, that Evan has been the super glue to many of my projects. Not only does he delivers on-time, but he's also a great collaborator with wonderful insights and suggestions. Evan also knows how to take notes and make them happen (or not, depending on his input). Evan is altruistic, creative, hardworking, and — most of all — a wonderful collaborator. No matter the genre or style, Evan will bring your project to life.

    Bryan Nest

    Creative Director at Trailer Park

    Evan's creativity has always blown me away. From the first time I saw his work, I was really inspired and moved by his ability to create emotionally engaging pieces of work regardless of the the material he's editing. He's able to turn anything he edits into an entertaining story, it doesn't matter if he's working on a blockbuster movie, or a mediocre reality television show. But his craft is really only the beginning. He's an excellent communicator, thinks outside the box, and is always willing to put in the extra effort try new and exciting editorial ideas. Evan is more than just an editor, he's a great filmmaker, and knowledgeable about all aspects of production. And most importantly, he's a pleasure to work with everyday because he always has a fantastic attitude and excited to conquer the next storytelling challenge.

    Scott Ash

    Video Editor at Masterclass

    Evan is an outstanding editor with years of professional experience. He's also an experienced Director and Producer having directed and produced a number of short films and promos. He's highly motivated and has a keen eye for style and detail.

    Mitchell Allen

    Production Lead at Verb Tech

    Evan and met through work roughly five years ago and since that time have worked on countless productions side by side. His reliability, attention to detail, loyalty and over all talent is second to none. I'm happy to call him a colleague and a friend.

    Abigail Klein


    Evan was recommended to me by a friend. I’m so grateful he said ‘yes’ to editing our comedy trailer. He grasped exactly what we were hoping to achieve and turned the footage into something unique and top quality. He had great ideas that helped tremendously too. His ability to highlight certain moments, bring in the right music and create a fun tone and flow exceeded expectations. Not only is he extremely talented, he’s awesome to work with and so very kind. I hope to get the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

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